Scalp Ease MDL™ Regrowth Treatment Companion

Package: 100 ml per bottle
Price: $24.95 ea.


Soothes Scalp after Treatment
Soothing complex reduces redness and itching after alcohol or propylene glycol based treatments. The calm, soothed feeling lasts as the actives repair the dry and damaged scalp, creating a healthy environment for hair growth whilst preventing irritation and itching.

Stops Glycol and Alcohol Dryness
High concentrations of humectants and light conditioners repair both the scalp and hair. This restores the natural shine, and soft, smooth feel of even straw like hair dried out by alcohol or glycol based treatments.

Instant Anti-Irritation & Hydration
As soon as the spray reaches the skin it creates a gentle cooling feeling, whilst calming ingredients start to work immediately for instant relief.

Nanogen sh-VEGF Complex™
The safe, plant derived growth factors in Nanogen sh-VEGF Complex support any treatment regime. The growth factors act to help reduce hair loss, and maintain healthy hair and scalp condition. Scalp Ease MDL also contains actives to support wound healing and maintain a healthy scalp.

Hair Growth Factors
Nanogen sh-VEGF complex is a unique plant derived growth factor in combination with another active to make the effect more pronounced. Healthy hair growth is controlled by a natural cycle, with every individual hair at a different stage of the cycle. Nanogen sh-VEGF complex specifically supports and protects hair whilst maintaining healthy hair growth at each stage of the natural cycle.

How does natural VEGF act on the hair?

For hair to grow as part of the natural hair cycle, or for new hairs to grow, a growth phase called Anagen needs to be stimulated. 3 stages are required to bring about Anagen and healthy hair growth:

Cell Proliferation
The base of a hair follicle contains a form of stem cells called dermal papilla; these cells need to multiply rapidly to create the cells that form hair. Proliferation reuqires much nutrition and oxygen, VEGF causes vasodilation and increased bloodflow which supports this growth.

Cell Migration When these cells have multiplied, they must move to particular positions to form the structure of the hair. This means they need they communicate with eachother, and organise their "cellular skeleton" to enable them to move. VEGF increases glycoprotein production in certain cells, these glycoproteins allow cells to communicate, move and adhere to each other. VEGF acts as a signal for migration itself in certain cases, and increases vasodilation, allowing the movement of cells.

Growing hair needs nutrients & oxygen, so new small blood vessels form to feed the growing hair, this is called Angiogenesis. VEGF promotes angiogenesis in new hair follicles, but also in existing hair that isn't getting enough oxygen. It also increases another signal called nitric oxide, which causes existing blood vessels to become wider, and more blood to reach where it is needed.

A hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) signals the end of the hair growth phase, bringing about a brief transfer phase called Catagen. It is created from Testosterone by an enzyme called 5α reductase. Many ingredients, such as finasteride, aim to block this reaction and so stop the signal ending the growth phase. DHT acts by activating a whole range of genes to cause the death of hair follicle cells, and the loss of the hair. VEGF acts to temporarily suppress these genes, and helps protect the hair from falling prematurely.

After the hair has fallen out naturally, the hair enters a phase called Telogen. VEGF reduces the time that hair spends in this resting phase by stimulating genes for re-entry into the hair growth phase, Anagen.


  1. Use after regrowth treatment product has dried.
  2. Apply 8-12 sprays generously throughout your hair and scalp.
  3. Massage the scalp gently. Allow to dry.
  4. You do not need to rinse. Enjoy the soothing effects.


Can I apply Scalp Ease MDL more than once per day?
Yes you can. You can apply Scalp Ease MDL at any time that your scalp feels uncomfortable. However, Scalp Ease MDL is primarily to be used after an application of alcohol or propylene glycol based treatments, when your scalp is feeling irritated.

Should I wash my hair before using Scalp Ease MDL?
You do not need freshly washed hair to apply Scalp Ease MDL, it is designed to follow an application of alcohol or propylene glycol based treatments.

Do I need to wash Scalp Ease MDL out of my hair, will it make my hair look greasy or feel sticky?
Scalp Ease MDL will not weigh your hair down or make it look or feel greasy. Scalp Ease MDL hydrates and soothes scalp, but also is a lightweight hair conditioner so alleviates dry and straw-like hair. Due to its lightweight formulation you can leave Scalp Ease MDL in your hair until you would normally wash it.

How long will the effect last for after one application?
The cooling and calming effect of Scalp Ease MDL will last for several hours after application. However the hydrating effect will last until the next application of alcohol or propylene glycol based treatments.

Will using Scalp Ease MDL affect the camouflage that I am using to disguise my hair loss?
Allow Scalp Ease MDL to dry before applying any Conceal & Style products. If Scalp Ease MDL has dried it will not affect Aquamatch, Nanofibres, or any other camouflage products.

What kind of results should I expect from Scalp Ease MDL?
Your scalp should feel more comfortable, cool hydrated and refreshed after an application of Scalp Ease MDL. Scalp Ease MDL will also condition hair and alleviate dry hair caused by alcohol or propylene glycol based treatments.

How long before I see results?
You should feel the cooling and calming effect of Scalp Ease MDL immediately after the first application.

If I stop using alcohol or propylene glycol based treatments can I still use Scalp Ease MDL?
Yes you can. You can continue using Scalp Ease MDL even if you stop using your medication, and you can also it use with any other treatments.

Ingredient Highlights:

Soothing and Moisturising Ingredients
Niacinamide and beta-glucan combined reduce redness and irritation, and support wound healing to promote a healthy scalp.

Nanogen sh-VEGF Complex™
The safe, plant derived growth factors in Nanogen sh-VEGF Complex support any treatment regime. The growth factors act to help reduce hair loss, and maintain healthy hair and scalp condition.

This product is safe and free from:

Coal Tar, Sulphur & Selenium Sulphide
These anti-dandruff agents can cause damage to the hair and skin, so Hair Prepare uses three different actives to provide a broad spectrum anti-dandruff action.

These common surfactants are very harsh and drying to hair. They can also leave skin dry and irritated when used daily for long periods of time, such as with Hair Prepare. Whilst not dangerous, SLS and SLES can be drying, irritating, and pore-blocking, which may lead to folliculitis. Therefore no Nanogen product contains SLS or SLES.

Many people worry about the group of preservatives called parabens. Nanogen do not believe these are harmful, but appreciate our client's concerns and so all our products are paraben free.

Glycols such as propylene glycol are common preservatives and solvents. These can be pore-blocking and irritating, and so no Nanogen products contains any form of glycol.

Formaldehyde Donors
Many common preservatives in cosmetics are formaldehyde donors. These are not dangerous, but formaldehyde will damage skin and growing hair cells, so no Nanogen product contains them.