Nanofibres® - 15gr.

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3 bottles for $61.95 ($20.65 ea.)
6 bottles for $119.95 ($19.99 ea.)


Nanofibres® - 30gr.

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3 bottles for $123.95 ($41.30 ea.)
6 bottles for $239.95 ($39.99 ea.)


Easy to Apply
Nanofibres are applied quickly and without mess by simply shaking the unique container over thin or thinning hair. This releases thousands of microscopic colour-matched hair fibres, which bind electrostatically to, and branch off of, each individual hair.
Charged with static electricity, they bond to your own hair in fir-tree patterns, creating a natural looking and natural feeling density. Nanofibres bond to your hair so securely they will stay in place all day, and will not stain or smear. Nanofibres will even resist strong winds, rain, and swimming when combined with Locking Mist Plus.

Undetectable, Natural Appearance
Nanofibres actually merge with your own hair, adding real volume, allowing styling like you never again thought possible. Every time you look in the mirror you will be truly amazed by the natural results that are virtually undetectable to the naked eye.
You can even build up the amount of Nanofibres you use over time to create a gradual transformation. Nanofibres can also be used before hair transplants to subtly build up the appearance of thicker hair so the transplants don't cause an obvious and sudden change. Not only do Nanofibres look natural, the container is elegant and discreetly makes no mention of hair camouflage at all.

Patent Pending Technology
Nanofibres benefit from a patent pending Electrostatic Coating and Electrostatic Strip. These innovations intensify the hair thickening effect created by Nanofibres. Nanofibres have been independently proven to create unrivalled hair density you can really see. The Nanofibres jar also has fill-level windows to indicate when you are running low, to ensure you never run out.

100% Safe for Male and Female Thinning Hair Over 1 million incredible transformations prove that Nanofibres are safe. They are completely natural and they will not damage your hair or scalp. That's why they are used by leading hair transplant surgeons to conceal hair right up to surgery, and afterwards to hide the healing wounds. Nanofibres are recommended by the Alopecia Society for men and women with thinning hair.

Nanofibres have many patent pending advantages. They are the best hair concealer available.

Active dispensing
Every component of the Nanofibres jar has been specially designed to give Nanofibres the maximum electrostatic charge and therefore the best possible binding to hair. The patent pending design includes the unique electrostatic strip, which regulates the charge, giving you the same perfect result every time.
An independent report proves Nanofibres perform best. Nanofibres having 400% more charge than any other hair fibre.

Electrostatic Coating
Each individual keratin fibre is coated with a patent pending electrostatic coating. It is this coating that means Nanofibres dipolar charged. Dipolar charging is unique to Nanofibres, and means they bind perpendicularly to the hair, so every fibre thickens your natural hair as much as possible. Dipolar charged fibres are also better because they bind to hair even in high humidity or after some conditioners that change the charge of hair. The independent test report also shows only Nanofibres have significant perpendicular binding, for unique real hair density.

The natural raw keratin fibres are refined, rejecting 90% of the raw material. Nanogen only select those that are the optimum shape & dimensions to blend perfectly with your natural hair.

Cross-continental colour matching
There are subtle differences between Asia, Europe & America's 'dark brown' hair colour. Nanofibres are compatible with all ethnic hair colour shades.


  1. For best results, first cleanse the hair using Hair Prepare and then thicken with either Daily Volume or Follicle Defence.
  2. Allow hair to dry completely, and if you use Aquamatch apply this now, before applying Nanofibres.
  3. Hold the jar at a slight angle and lightly shake small amounts of Nanofibres evenly over the thinning area.
  4. Blend the fibres gently into place using your fingertips.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have perfect coverage, you can also blend different colours for highlights or greying hair.
  6. Apply Locking Mist Plus to bind Nanofibres even more securely and make them water resistant.


If I use Nanofibres every day how long will one container last?
One 15 gram container will last approximately 30 days, and the 30 gram container will last around 60 days, depending on how much you apply.

How long do Nanofibres last after applying, and how do you remove them?
Nanofibres will remain securely bonded to your hair until you wash your hair. If you sleep with Nanofibres on, a small amount will come out, but as they are colour-fast they can simply be brushed of your pillow, and won't leave a mark. Nanofibres are removed easily when washing your hair as normal with any shampoo.

Are the Nanofibres easy to apply, even if my thinning area is on the back of my head?
Nanofibres are easy to apply by gently sprinkling onto your head. It does take some practice to target the more difficult areas, but as you become used to applying the Nanofibres and achieving the affect you want, it will take less time and become a very quick and simple process.

Will I get staining on my clothes, bed sheets or hands when I am using Nanofibres?
Nanofibres won't cause staining due to their unique colour-locking system, even when completely soaked in water. If you get Nanofibres on your clothes, bed linen, or hands simply brush them off.

Will the colour of the product run in the rain or if I perspire?
No, the colour will not run in the rain or due to perspiration, even when completely immersed in water Nanofibres'Colour Lock System™ prevents the dye from running.

Are Nanofibres suitable for my hair type?
Yes they are. Nanofibres are suitable for all hair types, such as Afro-Caribbean hair, colour-treated hair or greying hair. If your hair is colour treated or slightly greying you can combine a mixture of two colours to match your natural hair tones.

Can I style my hair when using Nanofibres?
Yes you can. We do not recommend straightening, blow-drying or excessive brushing or combing as these can damage hair. Though you can style your hair, the styling you do should be kept to a minimum as many hair styles and styling products work by grouping hairs together, which makes your hair look thinner. Nanofibres will work when used after a light hairspray or matte effect styling product, however for best results apply Nanofibres to your natural hair after simply brushing your hair into place. Our Locking Mist completes the application of Nanofibres, providing a fine polymer mist that coats the fibres giving them a natural finish and locking them into place.

How are the Nanofibres packaged and delivered?
At Nanogen we understand that hair loss is a very personal and private experience. Nanogen ensure all products in are delivered in discreet, unmarked packaging.

How do I choose the best colour, and what if the colour I order is incorrect?
You can judge the most natural looking Nanofibres colour for you using our colour chart. If you are not happy with the colour that you select when ordering, we will exchange it for you free of charge within thirty days of purchase.

Ingredient Highlights:

Natural Keratin
Our non-synthetic keratin is specially designed to be almost identical to your hair, for the same weight, appearance and feel. The natural keratin used in Nanofibres is also uniquely non-irritating.

Electrostatic Coating
Subject to a patent pending, Nanogen's electrostatic coating gives Nanofibres their unique binding, for unrivalled natural hair thickening.

Colour Lock System™
Nanofibres have a unique system that prevents the dye running out in rain, perspiration, or even under water. Laboratory tests show that Nanofibres retain all of their dye, even when soaked for 24 hours in water.

Nanofibres are safe and free from:

Cotton & Rayon
Whilst similar to keratin and used in many products, cotton and rayon are not the same as hair, and so cannot look as natural as a keratin product. They can also be irritating to some people.

Heavy Metals
Many people worry about metals such as aluminium, and titanium being in contact with natural hair all day. Nanofibres do not contain any heavy metals.

Advanced Colour Matching

Nanofibres are available in 10 natural looking colour shades which can be combined to make the perfect colour for anyone.