Nanogen Hair Nutrition Supplement for Men Over 20, 60 Tablets for 1 Month Supply

Package: 60 tablets
Price: $49.99


  • Nanogen Hair Nutrition Supplement - For Men Aged 20+ 60tablets (1 month's supply)
  • Men training regularly have special nutritional needs. In addition to ingredients for healthy hair growth, Nanogen for men over 20 has chromium and B vitamins that help support your metabolism and energy levels, which are particularly important for active men.
  • Magnesium supports protein synthesis which is vital for building keratin, while the Biotin helps to maintain normal hair.
  • Selenium and Vitamin E help to prevent oxidative stress which damaged DNA and proteins. This will help protect your hair follicles and skin.
  • The B vitamin complex also contributes to healthy energy metabolism. Energy metabolism provides your follicles with enough energy to create hair.