Follicle Defence™ Active Treatment Mask

Package: 100 ml per bottle
Price: $29.95 ea.


Reduces Hair Loss
Follicle Defence contains a unique combination of actives to protect hair and scalp cells from damage and reduce hair loss. Follicle Defence also contains Nanogen sh-VEGF Complex to reduce hair loss and maintain hair growth. These are all delivered by the unique Active Conditioner system , ensuring an effective concentration reaches the hair follicles.

Optimises the effect of Nanofibres®
Unlike other conditioners, Follicle Defence uses patent pending electrostatic technology. This creates the perfect charge on the hair for Nanofibres to bind to, improving the binding and hair thickening results from Nanofibres.

Creates Lasting Volume and Shine
Unique thickening and moisturising actives penetrate and nourish the hair, giving thicker and healthier hair from within. Designed for weekly use, the hair thickening ingredients do not build up on the outside of your hair over time. This creates lasting light and natural thickening without heaviness, and also allows the treatment actives and other topical treatments to penetrate the skin and hair efficiently.

Treatment using Shampoo
Many treatment products for thinning hair are in the form of shampoos, and this format has many advantages. Shampoos are useful for thinning hair as a cleaner scalp is generally healthier and a better environment for hair growth. Topical actives target the area that requires treatment, and so can be used very effectively to target most hair or scalp concerns, and will not cause side effects.

However, in order for most of them to deliver useful levels of anti-hair loss actives, they need to be left on the hair for three minutes or more. Many of these products can be too harsh too leave on for that long, and leave the hair feeling dry and the scalp irritated. Even when left on for prolonged periods of time, most treatment shampoos are inefficient at delivering actives. The basic chemistry of any shampoo formulation means that surfactants remove components from the skin and hair, rather than donating them or leaving them behind.

One notable exception to this is the use of anti-dandruff and anti-inflammatory actives in shampoos. As these are generally small molecules that act on the surface they work efficiently even in a shampoo. The anti-inflammation and anti-dandruff actives in Hair Prepare are designed to act just below the surface of the skin, and so even with a short time between applying and rinsing they penetrate to where they are needed and work effectively.

Utilising Conditioners

Nanogen Hair Research has developed new conditioners called Active Conditioners to improve upon and replace treatment shampoos. In the same way as shampoo is chemically unsuitable for delivering most actives, conditioner chemistry naturally allows for molecules to be left behind after rinsing. Active Conditioners are based upon working with the inherent chemistry, rather than fighting against it.

Active Conditioners are an evolution of the normal conditioner in several key aspects.

Most normal conditioners coat the hair with a charged polymer- often a silicone. This creates a charge that causes some hair concealing fibres to bind to the hair less securely. A patent-pending combination of amphoteric surfactants and dipolar amino acids not only condition the hair thoroughly, they create the perfect charge for Nanofibres to bind to.

An additional benefit of the conditioning complex is in the highly penetrative ingredients that do not coat the hair, but instead penetrate the hair shaft to increase volume, shine and softness from within. This not only creates a long lasting effect, but does not cause build up or coat the hair which would weigh it down, leaving it with natural looking volume and no greasiness. The non-coating formula allows Daily Volume to be used as a conditioner every day without the hair becoming coated, weighed down, and greasy. An added advantage of non-coating conditioners is that they do not obstruct any treatment, leaving all treatment products to penetrate as efficiently as possible.

Follicle Defence also utilises the Active Conditioner system to deliver anti-hair loss actives. Active Conditioners are more effective at delivering actives than any treatment shampoo, and so can be used less frequently yet still donate more anti-hair loss actives through the scalp. Unlike all treatment shampoos, Active Conditioners do not dry the hair when left for several minutes.

Conditioners nourish the hair more the longer they are left, and so Nanogen's Active Conditioners can be left in contact with the hair for much longer than 3 minutes. This allows deep penetration of the anti-hair loss actives without any drying or irritation, and the only side-effect is well conditioned hair.


  1. Apply a generous amount to wet hair.
  2. Massage thoroughly throughout the hair and scalp, the conditioner will not foam significantly.
  3. Leave for around 4 minutes then rinse thoroughly.
  4. Use weekly for best results.


Is it safe to use the Follicle Defence every day?
It is not recommended to use this product every day. Nanogen recommend using this product once per week to support other treatments that you are using. Although it is not unsafe to use this product daily, it is not recommended as the high concentration of active ingredients can weigh the hair down. More infrequent use gives the maximum benefit in terms of treatment & conditioning effect.

Should I wash my hair with Hair Prepare or a regular shampoo before using this product?
Yes you should. Wash your hair as you normally would, with Hair Prepare or with another shampoo prior to applying Follicle Defence.

Can I combine using the Follicle Defence with a regular shampoo?
Yes you can. Although Nanogen recommend that you use Follicle Defence after Hair Prepare, you will still see results from using Follicle Defence after any shampoo.

Should I condition my hair with Nanogen's Daily Volume or an ordinary conditioner before applying Follicle Defence?
Applying another conditioning product before using Follicle Defence is definitely not necessary, although it wouldn't be harmful.

If I use Follicle Defence once a week how long will it last?
One bottle of Follicle Defence will last around one month when used weekly.

What is an Active Conditioner?
An Active Conditioner works to actually improve the natural health and feel of your hair. Most conditioners simply coat the hair to make it look smooth. Nanogen Active Conditioners have deep penetrating emollients to hydrate and nourish hair from within, leaving thicker, healthier hair with natural shine. Follicle Defence furthers the Active Conditioner technology, using it to deliver actives that reduce hair loss. Active Conditioners also create the perfect hair surface for Nanofibres to bind to, giving better results from Nanofibres.

Can I use this product whilst using Minoxidil or Finasteride?
Yes you can. All Nanogen products are compatible with the use of Minoxidil and Finasteride.

What kind of results should I expect?
You should expect a reduction in hair loss, as well as thicker, smoother and healthier feeling hair.

How long before I see results?
You will have healthier and a more voluminous looking and feeling hair after the first application, and a reduction in the amount of hair loss after approximately one month.

What is the difference between Daily Volume and Follicle Defence?
Daily Volume will help to add volume and thicken existing hair. Follicle Defence contains high levels of powerful active ingredients which will provide a reduction in hair loss over time, as well as nourishing and conditioning your hair.

Will using Follicle Defence affect the camouflage that I am using to disguise my hair loss?
Yes, Follicle Defence is designed to create the perfect surface for Nanofibres to bind to. Whereas some conditioners do have a detrimental effect on concealers, Nanogen conditioners are formulated to work in conjunction with Nanofibres and any other cosmetic concealer. The thickening effect that Follicle Defence has on your hair will also aid the camouflage products that you use by giving a more voluminous look to hair.

Do I rinse it out? How long do I leave it on for?
Yes, you do need to rinse out the Follicle Defence mask after 10 minutes or so. Leaving it on for longer won't cause any harm, but the intensive conditioning over a long period may weigh the hair down and leave it looking less healthy and natural.

Ingredient Highlights:

Anti-Hair Loss Complex
Follicle Defence contains caffeine, saw palmetto, taurine, beta-sitosterols, green tea, prunus africana and urtica dioica extracts to reduce hair loss. Follicle Defence also contains Nanogen sh-VEGF complex to help reduce hair loss and maintain healthy hair growth. The ingredients are delivered at high levels utilising the active condtioner system.

Deep Penetrating Nutrients and Emollients Emollients like cocos nucifera oil penetrate deep into the hair to give long lasting volume from within. Actives L-cysteine and pantothenic acid nourish the hair, giving it a natural healthy shine.

Amphoteric Surfactants and Dipolar Amino Acids Most conditioners coat the hair with a film that is the opposite electrostatic charge to natural hair. Follicle Defence uses a patent pending combination of amphoteric surfactants and amino acids to mimic your hair's natural charge. This is the perfect charge for Nanofibres to bind to, and so maximises the hair thickening effect of the Nanofibres.

Follicle Defence is safe and free from:

Coal Tar, Sulphur & Selenium Sulphide
These anti-dandruff agents can cause damage to the hair and skin, so Hair Prepare uses three different actives to provide a broad spectrum anti-dandruff action.

These common surfactants are very harsh and drying to hair. They can also leave skin dry and irritated when used daily for long periods of time, such as with Hair Prepare. Whilst not dangerous, SLS and SLES can be drying, irritating, and pore-blocking, which may lead to folliculitis. Therefore no Nanogen product contains SLS or SLES.

Many people worry about the group of preservatives called parabens. Nanogen do not believe these are harmful, but appreciate our client's concerns and so all our products are paraben free.

Glycols such as propylene glycol are common preservatives and solvents. These can be pore-blocking and irritating, and so no Nanogen products contains any form of glycol.

Formaldehyde Donors
Many common preservatives in cosmetics are formaldehyde donors. These are not dangerous, but formaldehyde will damage skin and growing hair cells, so no Nanogen product contains them.