Nanogen is a hair loss concealer that is made of microscopic keratin fibers that can be sprinkled onto thinning hair and bald spots to instantly increase the thickness and density of each hair. Contrary to popular belief, scalps experiencing baldness and thinning hair contain thousands of tiny colorless hairs. These hairs, along with normal hairs allow Nanogen keratin hair fibers to bond tightly and form a completely natural pattern.
Nanogen 4 step protocols

Step 1: Cleanse & Prepare

price: $19.99
A powerful yet gentle cleansing shampoo. Leaves your hair and scalp feeling fresh, healthy and perfectly prepared for the next step of the Nanogen protocol.

Step 2 - Stabilise & Thicken

Daily Volume™
price: $19.99
Repairing, thickening conditioner for everyday use. Nourishing and moisturising ingredients provide natural shine and weightless volume from within.
Follicle Defence™
price: $29.95
A patented healthy hair supplement to reduce normal hair loss, without side effects.
Scalp Ease MDL™
price: $24.95
Hydrates hair and soothes the scalp. Helps alleviate the straw-like hair, dryness and irritation common with propylene glycol or alcohol based treatments.
price: $54.95
Specially formulated to reduce hair loss and maintain healthy hair growth. Tailored made male and female formulae give optimum results for Men and for Women.

Step 3 - Hair Growth Factor Treatment Serum

Growth Factor Serum
Price: $45.99
Safe, plant derived sh-VEGF growth factor serum reduces hair loss and promotes existing hair growth. Irritation-free formula for daily use.
price: $109.95
nique titanium needles to precisely penetrate the skin with minimal irritation. Using the Scalproller pre-treatment dramatically improves the effects of any topical treatment.

Step 4 - Conceal & Style

price: $25.95 (15g)
price: $44.95 (30g)
Ultra-fine keratin fibres that blend seamlessly with your hair, for a thicker, fuller looking head of hair in seconds.
price: $29.95
Easy to apply, discreet and lasts all day. Aquamatch active concealer safely blends scalp and hair colour together to conceal areas of thinning hair, scars, and wide partings Aquamatch is highly water resistant and designed to be used with Nanofibres for the perfect look.
Locking Mist Plus™
price: $19.95
Protect your hair from UV damage whilst locking Aquamatch and Nanofibres in place through rain, wind, perspiration and even under water.